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Why Should My Small Business Hire A Copywriter?

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

As a small business owner, you have a lot on your plate. Helping customers, managing payroll, arranging repairs, paying the bills: the list goes on and on!

Your day-to-day tasks are crazy enough, but there’s one category we haven’t touched on yet: marketing. Especially in today’s climate, building your company’s online presence is a must. That content comes in many different forms:

  • Product descriptions

  • Newsletters

  • Blogs

  • Social media posts

  • And more!

But what if you don’t have time to create that content by yourself? This is where your handy copywriter comes in. Copywriters are in massive demand as businesses look to strengthen their message and get noticed in a chaotic online landscape.

Not sure if your small business needs a copywriter on board? Here are just a few of the benefits that hiring a copywriter can bring to your business:

Free up time for other things

Remember that long to-do list? Yeah, we don’t want to add to that. Burnout is an ever-looming threat for small businesses, and it’s taken down countless entrepreneurs over the years.

Writing may not always be the hardest task, but it is IS time-consuming. By delegating this task to an expert, you not only free up that time for yourself, but you ensure that every second spent on your content is as productive as possible. Your copywriter can devote 100% of their energy, instead of you trying to make something while running on fumes.

Help you articulate ideas

Have you ever had a ton of good ideas in your head, but you just couldn’t convey them properly? This can make creating content feel almost impossible. Thankfully, your copywriter has likely encountered this issue with clients in your industry before, so they can help you refine and strengthen your message through the consultation process.

Your copywriter knows the language that will resonate with your audience. Even if you only have a few content ideas on your own, that’s plenty: your copywriter can take these beginnings and transform them into something spectacular.

Increase your sales

This may seem backward at first. How does hiring someone ultimately help your bottom line? Isn’t a copywriter just another expense?

Don’t let the initial cost of a copywriter scare you. It’s a cliche at this point, but it’s true: your copywriter is a worthwhile investment. Remember, that content is helping you reach your audience in a more meaningful and consistent way.

Exposure. Your copywriter can optimize your content for search engines. That means when potential customers search for common keywords in your industry, you show up higher in the rankings.

Create calls to action. When your customer reads your website, do they immediately know what you want them to do? The implication is that you want them to purchase your product or service, but your reader needs more decisive direction. Your copywriter will ensure that every piece of content tells your customer exactly what you want them to do. Do you want your customer to book a consultation, pre-order a product, or sign up for a newsletter? When your copywriter is done, your customer is more likely to follow through, eager for more!

A Small Business’ Best Friend

As a small business, the stakes are higher, and the resources are thinner. If you’re looking to increase your online presence without adding to your to-do list, a copywriter makes your work life more convenient and more fruitful.

No matter what you’re looking for--the occasional newsletter, optimized blogs, or a stunning website--a good copywriter can help convert new customers and make your mark in the industry.

Are you looking to expand your business’s content, but not sure where to start? Book your FREE consultation today to see if my services can bring your project to a new level!

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