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10 ACTUALLY Affordable Eco-Friendly Holiday Gifts For Her

Are you struggling to find a meaningful gift for the special lady in your life? It's not too late!

Ditched the prepackaged lotions and frilly filler items for something with a little more substance. You can find some awesome sustainable gifts that aren't just good for her: they're good for the planet, too!

Eco-friendly doesn't have to be expensive, either. These suggestions are all under $100, which makes them sustainable AND sensible.

#1: For The Crazy Hair Days: Dip Premium Haircare Mini Dips

Girls just wanna have fun (with their hair). All that color and styling take a toll, so these mini salon-grade bars from Dip are great to help leave her locks lustrous again.

Dip rigorously tests in formulas for surfers and swimmers, and they also offer the best conditioner bar on the market. These aren't just better than most haircare bars out there; they outperform their bottled cousins!

Plus, they come in a variety of fragrances that leave your hair smelling as good as it looks. Pick out a couple of minis for your best stocking stuffers yet!

#2: For The Tree-Hugging Techie: Zero Waste Phone Case

Our phone case says a lot about us, so why not choose an eco-friendly option? This colorful phone case from Loam and Lore is made of a biodegradable plant-based material that won't clog up our oceans. Not only will her phone look great, but it will be protected against those everyday shocks and drops.

Plus, Loam and Lore plants a tree for every order, AND donates 5% of their profits to the Amazon Conservation Team!

#3: For The Eco-Conscious Adventuress: Cotopaxi Batac Del Dia 16L Backpack

Cotopaxi takes "leave no trace" to the next level for outdoor adventurers. This Batac Del Dia backpack is part of their (Re)Purpose Collection, which uses fabric that was left over from other production runs to keep perfectly good fabric out of the landfill.

Your giftee will love this lightweight daypack both for its eco-friendly nature AND its versatile design! It has a huge zippered main compartment for all of your hiking and camping supplies, along with a front vertical-zip pocket and two mesh water bottle pockets.

But the biggest perk? The one-of-kind coloration. Each Batac is made with those "leftover" pieces by employees who design each one by hand. You can claim your unique color pattern online, or let the supplier surprise you. Either way, no two Batacs are exactly alike!

#4: For The Skincare Fiend: DEW Mighty Bloom

Skincare is super important (it's your largest organ, after all!), but all of those products add up, both in cost and counter space.

The DEW Mighty Bloom is a solid serum bar that offers a premium formula in a sleek, water-free package. Every swipe of this jelly bar brightens, soothes, and nourishes. It's like several skincare products condensed into one highly concentrated powerhouse. It even lasts longer (one bar is equivalent to two bottles of product!)

Bloom still keeps the chic aesthetic, though. The starter kit lets you pick the CUTEST refill tin. No more messy droppers or bottled waste; just pop in the Trifecta refill, and you're good to go!

#5: For The Everyday Errand Runner: Bring It Bags

Have your local stores phased out single-use plastic bags yet? If so, consider gifting these BringIt Bags as a stylish alternative to those blah paper bags.

Unlike most reusable plastic bags, this shopping kit is made from renewable beechwood and eucalyptus trees. They're 100% plastic-free, machine washable, and tear-resistant. Every ItKit replaces 3,500 single-use plastic bags over its lifetime, so you can kiss those arm-straining grocery trips goodbye!

#6: For The Witty Writer: Decomposition Recycled Notebooks

I'll admit: I have a personal bias here. I can never have too many notebooks, and trust me: your giftee probably can't either!

What's not to love with these Decomposition Recycled Notebooks? Each one is made with 100% Post-Consumer Waste Recycled Paper. You can get them in spiral or composition bindings, and they're even made in the USA!

Plus, just LOOK at those fun cover options! (I have the Kittens in Space, and I highly recommend it—it makes note-taking MUST more enjoyable!)

#7: For The Caffeine Addict: Tiny Footprint Coffee

What if your cup of java could be carbon NEGATIVE? That's what Tiny Footprint Coffee is all about!

Tiny Footprint partners with Roastery 7 and the Mindo Cloudforest Foundation to source organic-certified and fair-trade coffee beans around the world. By mindfully sourcing the finest beans AND making almost every inch of their Minneapolis roastery eco-friendly (i.e. biodegradable bags, fuel-efficient ribbon burners, etc), they minimize the CO2 it takes to produce their coffee.

Some roasteries would stop there-not Tiny Footprint. They donate part of their proceeds to fund reforestation in Ecuador's Mindo cloud forest. The result? Tasty, artisan, small-batched roasted coffee that ultimately removed more CO2 than it emitted. Now THAT'S tasty.

#8: For The Swimming Siren: Waterlust Advocate Apparel

Waterlust takes inspiration from the ocean in their stunning swimwear line, all for a good cause! The Advocate Apparel collection features sunsuits, leggings, shorts, and more, all in patterns that highlight key species from marine research and conservation efforts (like whale sharks, lionfish, and sea turtles).

If the fun colors weren't enough, each piece is also made of recycled materials, and comes in sizes XS to 3XL!

#9: For The Practical Activist: Socks That Plant Trees

It's almost a rite of passage: when you get old enough, suddenly you WANT socks for Christmas. That doesn't mean they need to be boring.

These Socks That Plant Trees from Conscious Step are perfect for anyone who wants something practical AND fun. They're made from organic cotton, are fair-trade certified, and are adorably embroidered for that understated sense of style. And, of course, the best part is in the name: the proceeds from each pair support Trees For The Future, which means one pair = trees planted!

#10: For The On-The-Go Queen: JOCO Glass Reusable Coffee Cup

When you need to drink your coffee on the run, the cup you use can transform your experience. Abandon the flimsy paper cups for the JOCO's renowned artisan-blown borosilicate glass. Each cup is 100% plastic-free, non-toxic, antibacterial, and resistant to stains and odors.

There's a reason JOCO has made its mark in the reusable coffee cup industry. This cup is the sustainable standard for coffee and tea lovers who want a cup that feels as nice as their first sip tastes.

Any that I missed?

As more and more companies embrace sustainability, I come across so many cool and creative gift ideas. Are there any sustainable favorites that I have missed? Let me know!

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